This is a monograph, based on many previously unresearched Romanian sources, devoted to the complex personality of the author, jurist, doctor and scholar Athanasios Hristopoulos(1772-1847). An outstanding figure at the princely court of Wallachia (editor of the Legislation of Wallachia, known as Caragea’s Laws, 1818) and of Moldavia (where he founded the first theater of Hellenism, his heroic play Achilles being staged there), Hristopoulos wrote all of his philological works (including a Grammar of Spoken Greek that served as a model to the Romanian scholar Ion Heliade Rădulescu) and his literary works on Romanian soil, where he lived for nearly half a century. “One of the favourite Greek authors in the Principalities,” the “New Anacreon,” as he was dubbed, exerted quite a notable influence on the Romanian writers in the first decades of the 18th century.

A benchmark in the bibliography of this area (an abridged edition was published in Thessaloniki in 1981), it is indispensable to any scholar interested in the Greek and Romanian cultural history in the Romanian Principalities in the first half of the 19th century.


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