The bilingual, richly illustrated album (300 colour photos, maps and facsimiles making up more than half of the volume), is devoted to an emblematic personality of the Romanian-Hellenic relations. Rigas Velestinlis (1757-1798) was a brilliant Greek scholar, writer and revolutionary, whose destiny was tightly bound to the Romanian Lands, where he lived for 15 years. He is one of the most outstanding representatives of the Hellenic Enlightenment that flourished in the Danubian Principalities. It was on Romanian soil that Rigas completed his entire work as an author, translator and thinker. He moreover compiled three chartographic works, two of them being devoted to the land where he lived and worked: The New Map of Wallachia and the General Map of Moldavia. The current edition strives to provide an image of the man and his work in the geographical and cultural area where he evolved, while equally insisting on the personalities he met.
The album, which marks the 25th anniversary of the publishing house, has a foreword by Athanasios E. Karathanasis, a careful researcher of Hellenism in Romania.


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