Relying on the tools of encyclopedic work, the book surveys the moments and stages, since Antiquity to date, when collective or individual destinies in the Cypriot and Romanian area met, collaborated or coexisted. Whether in the political, social and economic or spiritual area, the Hellenism developed in the territory of Romania for two and a half millenia constitutes one of the wealthiest and most interesting chapters in the history of Greek Diaspora. In its turn, Cypriot Hellenism, in its troubled historical evolution, is in many ways connected to the Romanian space. The first part of the volume traces, chronologically, the interconnections between the two areas, in the broader regional and European context. The second part comprises a biographic dictionary of the Cypriot scholars who came to the Romanian lands, leaving a brilliant mark here. Luke the Cypriot, Metropolitan of Hungro-Wallachia, Markos Porphyropoulos, director of the Princely Academy in Bucharest in the early 18th century, Deacon Kyprianos, who, having lived in Iași for 18 years, became archbishop of Cyprus, and Epaminondas Frangoudis, professor at the University of Bucharest, are just a few of the most representatives names.
The illustrations (maps, facsimiles, over 300 photos), in their turn provide evidence of the multiple contacts between the people of the island of Cyprus and of the present-day territory of Romania, whose steady friendship has never been overshadowed.


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