Evanghelos Moutsopoulos's most recent book published in Romanian, Conștiința intenționată (The intentional consciousness), represents the crowning achievement of the 60 years work of the Athens academician. It also represents a synthesis and, at the same time, a splendid change of perspective: from the in-depth investigation of many and various aspects of the existence and position of man in the world, to their coherent and unitary treatment from the point of view of the most miraculous entity: the consciousness. And the criterion of consistency is given, based on the faculty of intentionality of consciousness, by the intentions that trigger everything: the way of thinking and action, the attention and concern, the memory and the decision, the strategies, the plans, the corrections, the recurrences and the many processes of the overcoming, the forgetfulness, the flexibilities and the obstinacy to pursue objectives. Intentions intertwine with values, results of experience and warnings about the limits of the potential and benefitst for man.
The phenomenological approach is extremely revealing and even of great help to researchers in life sciences and neurosciences.
This small book is read as a detective novel or a management manual: even the more so as the – clear and simple – exposure of moments of the entire dynamics of consciousness starting from intentions is supported by examples from psychology, ethics, law, politics. It is both important and attractive for philosophers, psychologists, lawyers, politicians, managers, engineers and doctors, and such for all the people interested and concerned about the course of the world as directed by consciences.
Indispensable bibliographic reference, this edition benefits from a scholarly afterword, in Romanian and English, with rich references belonging to the translator of the paper, university professor Ana Bazac, PhD. Together with the placement of the Greek academician in the phenomenological research (even one step ahead of the leading representatives in this field), the author presents the latest results in the research of the field of consciousness as both a step of life and the world super-ordinate to it. In her opinion, E. Moutsopoulos "is the successor of ancient Greek rationalism and precisely in this framework he builds his theories", and the description of the consciousness as, at the same time, overlapping and interpenetrating of a functional structure of steps in order to attain actionable goals with the judging attitudes of these steps has always as criteria the values of this rationalism.
Evanghelos Mousopoulos (born in 1930), a member of the Academy of Athens and an honorary member of the Romanian Academy, correspondent member of Institut de France, doctor honoris causa of the University of Bucharest, is one of the most internationally famous figures in Greece today. Philosopher, musicologist and composer, author of more than 60 volumes (written in several languages) and hundreds of articles and papers. He coordinates specialized magazines ("Philosophia", "Diotima"), is the editor of the Corpus Philosophorum Graecorum Recentiorum collection. Founder of several philosophical branches, including kairology (hence the appellation "philosopher of kairicity"). Well-known to the Romanian readers due to the eight editions (of which five published by Omonia Publishing House) with translations of some of his most important works.
This book was published with the kind support of Stem Life S.A.


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