Antonis Mystakidis Mesevrinos. Monografie

Monograph devoted to a brilliant personality of the Greek diaspora. Born at Almyros, in Thessaly, Antonis Mystakidis (1908-1989), known under the pen-name Mesevrinos,spent the first quater century of his life in Romania. He attended the Greek High School in Bucharest and then studied Classical Philology. Having graduated from college, he lived in Sulina, where he served as principal of the Greek community’s school. In 1940 he joined the volunteers in the war his homeland was fighting on the Albanian front.
Whereas in Romania he had already made a name as the most prolific translator of Greek literature into Romanian, in Greece and later in Egypt and Sweden, he would be known as the most active translator of Romanian literature into Greek. Besides translations and studies about Romanian authors, in the years he spent in Thessaloniki he published three Romanian-themed works, including a study devoted to “the genius of Romanian poetry, Mihai Eminescu,” a singular study in Greek culture to this day.
While teaching at a famous Greek school, Ambetios, in the capital of Egypt, for three years (1953-1956), and then teaching Greek, as of 1957, at the University of Lund and serving as visiting professor at the University of Copenhagen, Antonis Mystakidis published translations from Romanian literature in various Greek publications.
As an editor, Mystakidis started collections such as the Hellenic-Scandinavian Library and the Notebooks of Rigas, and lured to his team a group of Cypriot writers. Cyprus thus became a new area of the ancient Hellenism that he dwelt on. The Island of Aphrodite would remain so dear to Mystakidis that he chose it to shelter a large part of his oeuvre, his archive, entrusted to the Research Center of Kykkos Monastery. Living far from Romania and from Greece, Antonis Mystakidis has been little known, unfortunately, notably to younger generations of philologists, scholars and authors in the two countries. Hence the idea of this work, put together by Prof. Theodosis Pylarinos (b. 1946) from Athens. Wishing to put things right, Prof. Pylarinos also attempts to define the place Antonis Mystakidis holds in the history of Neo-Hellenic literature, and possibly in the history of Greek literature in Romania and of Romanian literature itself.
This edition, sponsored by the Greek CulturalFoundation and by Stem Life S.A.-Euromedics Cryo Bank,serves as a precious tool to scholars in Romania, Greece and Cyprus, scholars being the main readership it is meant for.


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