RADU TUDORANCEA, Relaţiile româno-elene în perioada interbelică. Dimensiunea politică şi economică / Romanian-Greek Relations in the Interwar Period. The Political and Economic Dimension
Foreword by Acad. Florin CONSTANTINIU. Sunmmary in English. 2011, 264 p., 6.2 E
ISBN 978-973-64-6
STEPHAN ELEUTHERIADIS, Mangalia. In memoriam. Elegias visuais.Elegii vizuale /Visual Elegies (Album).
Texts in Romanian and Portuguese.
Edited by Elisabeta MORAITAKI. Foreword by Dan GRIGORESCU. 2011, 96 p,. 10.5 E
ISBN 978-973-8319-75-2
STEPHAN ELEUTHERIADIS, Fiul ceasornicarului / The Clockmaker’s Son (Memoirs)
Edited by Elisabeta MORAITAKI. 2011, 232 p., 8.6 E
ISBN 978-8319-74-5
ELLI PAIONIDOU, Magdalena, Magda, Maggie .... (Novel)
Foreword by Niki MARANGOU. Translation by Christina CHRISTODOULOU-TODEA
2011, 304 p., 6.8 E
ISBN 978-973-8319-72-1
VASILIS VITSAXIS, Pe cărările gândului / On the Paths of Thought (Essays)
Translation by Elena LAZĂR. 2011, 256 p., EUR 5.2
ISBN 978-973-8319-71-4
MIHALIS PIERIS, Metamorfozele oraşelor. Antologie poetică / The Metamorphosis of Towns. Collection of Poems. Bilingual edition
Foreword by the poet to the Romanian edition. Translation by Elena LAZĂR. Epilogue by Paola Maria MINUCCI. 2011, 264 p. 6.1 E
ISBN 978-973-8319-70-7
NIKOS ENGONOPOULOS, Antologie poetică / An Anthology of Poems. Bilingual edition
Introductory study, chronology and translation by Tudor DINU. 2011, 352 p., 6.5 E
ISBN 978-973-8319-69-1
EVRIPIDIS MORAITAKIS, Iereas Konstantinos Moraitakis / The Priest Konstantinos Moraitakis ( In Greek)
Foreword by Acad. Virgil CÂNDEA. Translation in Greek by Mihai ŢIPĂU
Bucharest, 2011, 352 p. with illustrations, € 7.2
ISBN 978-973-8319-68-4
DIMITRIS RIZOULIS, Comoară de cuvântări ale Arhiepiscopului Hristodoulos / Treasure of speeches by Archbishop Christodoulos
Foreword: His Beatitude DANIEL, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church
Translation by Ion DIACONESCU and Dorin Demostene IANCU
Bucharest, 2011, 280 p. + 8 p. collour illustrations, € 7.5
ISBN 978-973-8319-67-7


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