ELENA LAZĂR, Relaţiile româno-cipriote. Mică enciclopedie / Romanian-Cypriot Relations. Small Encyclopedia
Foreword of the Author. Argument in English
Bucharest, 2010, 304 p.+7 maps + 16 p. collour illustrations, € 11.5
ISBN 978-973-8319-66-0
CONSTANTIN IORDAN, Venizelos şi românii / Venizelos and the Romanians
Second edition completed. Summary in French. Index
Bucharest, 2010, 392 p., € 7.8
ISBN 978-973-8319-65-3
ANTIGONE KEFALA, Absenţă / Absence.
Introductory study and translation by Ioana IERONIM. Foreword and an essay of the Author. Bilingual edition Romanian-English.2010, 110 p., € 4.2
ISBN 978-973-8319-63-9
KYRIAKOS MITSOTAKIS, Kazantzakis Speaking of God
2009, 144 p., EUR 4.5
Translation, foreword and notes by Andreas Rados and Gheorghe Badea - Chronology by Elena Lazăr
ISBN 978-973-8319-62-2
GEORGIOS D. POUKAMISAS, Dialogue with History
2009, 184 p., EUR 6.5
Theodorescu - Translation by EleForeword by Acad. Razvan na Lazăr and Cristina Năescu
ISBN 978-973-8319-61-5
YANNIS RITSOS, Poetry Anthology
Bilingual edition. 2009, 332 p., EUR 6
Introductory study, chronology and translation by Tudor Dinu
ISBN 978-973-8319-58-5
ANDRONIKOS FALANGAS, Présences grecques dans les Pays roumains (XIVe -XVIe siècles), Le témoignage des sources narrative roumaines (Greek Presences in the Romanian Countries, 14th-16th Century, Reflected in Romanian Narrative Sources)
2009, 344 p. + 2 maps + color illustrations, 16.8 Euro
ISBN 978-973-8319-57-8
ANDRONIKOS FALANGAS, Jacques Vassilikos-Despot (Despot Voda), Un Grec, voïévode de Moldavie, A la lumière des sources narratives roumaines des XVIe et XVIIe siècles (Jacques Vassilikos-Despot. A Greek, Ruler of Moldavia, in the Light of Romanian Narrative Sources of the 16th and 17th Century
2009, 192 p. + 3 maps + color illustrations, 11.5 Euro
ISBN 978-973-8319-56-1
ELENA LAZĂR, Greek Scholars in the Romanian Principalities (14th-19th c.). A Biographical Dictionary
2009, 264 p., 9 maps, 16 pages of color illustrations, EUR 10.5
ISBN 978-973-8319-60-8
ARIADNA CAMARIANO-CIORAN, Relaţii româno-elene.Studii istorice şi filologice (sec.XIV-XIX). Romanian-Greek Relations. Historical and Philological Studies (XIV-XIX c.).
Edition, introductory study, chronology and notes by Leonidas RADOS. 2008, 768 p.+8 p. with illustrations, EUR. 17.5
ISBN 978-973-8319-54-7



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