Foreword, chronology and translation by Elena LAZĂR. Afterword by Konstantinos MAKRIS.
2013, 232 p., €4.2
ISBN 978-973-8319-82-0
Românii despre Kavafis. Studii şi eseuri/Kavafis Seen by Romanians.
Studies and Essays Edition and foreword by ElenaLAZĂR. 2013, 278 p., €4.2
ISBN 978-973-8319-83-7
Celebratory set of books KAVAFIS YEAR IN ROMANIA. Konstantinos P. Kavafis (1863 – 1933). The 150th anniversary of his birth. 80 years since his death.
ANDREAS EMBIRIKOS, Antologie poetică/ Collection of Poems
Bilingual edition
Introductory study, chronology and translation by Tudor DINU. Afterword by Jacques BOUCHARD.
2013, 400 p., € 6.5.
ISBN 978-973-8319-84-4
RIGAS VELESTINLIS, Scrieri revoluţionare/Revolutionary Writings
Bilingual edition
Translation by Cristina BĂCANU and Ion BRAD. Foreword by Dimitrios KARAMBEROPOULOS.
2013, 128 p.
ISBN 978-973-8319-85-1
DIMOSTHENIS KOURTOVIK, Săvârşitu-s-a. Douăzeci şi una de istorii despre veacul ce se duce/It Is Accomplished. Twenty-one Stories about the Century That Is Dying Away
Bilingual editiin
Foreword and edition by Tudor DINU. Translation by Tudor DINU, Andra FERMUŞ, Cătălina IONESCU, Andreea GHIŢĂ, Bogdan BĂLĂCEANU, Diana DĂNILĂ, Edith UNCU, Diana GRIGORESCU.
2013, 240 p.
ISBN 978-973-8319-86-8
PAULA SCALCAU, Hellenism in Romania. An Illustrated History, 14.8 E
Foreword by Georgeta FILITTI
ISBN 978-973-8319-73-8
KONSTANTINOS P. KAVAFIS, The Poetic Alphabet, 30.5E
Edited by Elena LAZĂR and Liviu FRANGA
Introductory study by Liviu FRANGA
Epilogue by Jacques BOUCHARD
Illustrations selected from the works of painter Gheorghe I. ANGHEL
ISBN 978-973-8319-77-6
GEORGIOS D. POUKAMISAS, Travelling In Time and Space. On the Tracks of History, 6.2 E
Translation by Elena LAZAR, Cristina NAESCU and Tudor DINU
Foreword by Acad. Răzvan THEODORESCU
ISBN 978-973-8319-79-0


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