KAVAFIS, Poeme / Poems
Foreword by Dimitris DASKALOPOULOS. Translation by Elena LAZĂR. Bilingual edition. Bucharest and Rhodes,2003, 390 p., EUR 6.5
ISBN 973-8319-16-1
Prize of the Iulia Hasdeu UNESCO Society (National Writing Contest of Women Authors in Romania) for best translation in 2003
TASOS ATHANASIADIS, Sala Tronului / The Throne Room
Foreword of the author. Translation by Elena LAZĂR. Second edition, 2003, 372 p., EUR 4.3
ISBN 973-8319-04-8
ATHANASIOS E. KARATHANASIS, Elenismul în Transilvania / Hellenism in Transylvania
Foreword by Acad. Virgil CÂNDEA. Translation by Anca DOBRE. 2003, 190 p., EUR 4.2
ISBN 973-85377-0-3


STELIAN BREZEANU, CONSTANTIN IORDAN, HORIA C. MATEI, TUDOR TEOTEOI, GHEORGHE ZBUCHEA, Relaţiile româno-elene. O istorie cronologică / Romanian-Greek Relations. A Historical Chronology
Foreword by Acad. Virgil CÂNDEA. 2003, 390 p., EUR 5.5
ISBN 973-8319-13-7


PAULA SCALCĂU, Grecii din România / The Greeks in Romania
Foreword by Georgeta FILITTI. 2003, 310 p., with 16 p. illustrations, EUR 5.2
ISBN 973-8319-12-9
KOSTAS URANIS, Poeme / Poems
Foreword by Elena LAZĂR. Translation by Valeriu MARDARE. Bilingual edition. 2003, 190 p., EUR 4.8
ISBN 973-8319-11-0
„Rigas Velestinlis” Prize of the Hellenic Society of Literature Translators of Athens , 2004
YORGOS N. KARTER, Universul compact / Compact Universe
Foreword by D. STAMELOS. Preface by M. MERAKLIS. Translation by Elena LAZĂR. Bilingual edition. 2002, 120 p., EUR 3.2
ISBN 973-8319-09-9
IVI MELEAGROU, Mediterana de Răsărit / The Eastern Mediterranean
Foreword by Eleftherios PAPALEONTIOU. Translation by Valeriu MARDARE.
2002, 236 p., EUR 4.5
ISBN 973-8319-05-6
E. MOUTSOPOULOS, Problema imaginarului la Plotin / The Imaginary with Plotinus
Translation by Ileana CANTUNIARI. 2002, 120 p., EUR 3.8
ISBN 973-8319-06-4
Translation by Diana-Domnica DĂNIŞOR. 2002, 420 p., EUR 5.5
ISBN 973-8319-04-8


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