STAVRINOS-PALAMED, Cronici în versuri despre Mihai Viteazul / Versified Chronicles Dedicated to Michael the Brave
Foreword and translation by Olga CICANCI. Introductory note and edition of Stavrinos by Komnini D. PIDONIA. Bilingual edition. 2004, 216 p., EUR 4.8
ISBN 973-85377-4-6
MONICA SĂVULESCU VOUDOURI, Balkania, veşnica noastră întoarcere / Balkania, Our Eternal Return
With the Prolegomena of the author. 2004, 264 p., EUR 4.8
ISBN 973-85377-7-0
CONSTANTIN IORDAN, Venizelos şi românii / Venizelos and the Romanians
2004, 364 p., EUR 5.5
ISBN 973-85377-6-2


ILIAS VENEZIS, Numărul 31 328. Cartea sclaviei / Number 31 328. The Book of Slavery
Translation by Marina MARINESCU. Forewords by Georges LECOMTE and Henri LIEBRECHT. Chronology by Elena LAZĂR. 2004, 272 p., EUR 4.8
ISBN 973-85377-2-x
Foreword and translation by Grete TARTLER. Bilingual edition (French-Greek-Romanian). 2004, 96 p., EUR 2.5
ISBN 973-85377-1-1
Foreword and translation by Valeriu MARDARE. Bilingual edition. 2004, 248 p., EUR 4.8
ISBN 973-8319-18-8
ELENA LAZĂR, Capodopere ale literaturii neoelene. Mic Dicţionar / Masterpieces of Neo-Hellenic Literature. A Concise Dictionary
Foreword of the author. 2003, 382 p., EUR 6.5
ISBN 973-8319-19-6


LIA MEGALOU-SEFERIADI, Dulce seară de vară / A Tender Summer Evening
Foreword and translation by Elena LAZĂR. 2003, 328 p., EUR 4.3
ISBN 973-8319-10-2
NIKI LADAKI-FILIPPOU, Poemele iubirii / Poems of Love
Foreword by Andreani ILIOFOTOU. Translation by Elena LAZĂR. Bilingual edition. 2003, 160 p., EUR 3.5
ISBN 973-8319-15-3
ELENI LADIA, Graţia / The Grace
Foreword and translation by Elena LAZĂR. 2003, 190 p., EUR 3.6
ISBN 973-8319-14-5


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